Race, culture, ethnicity, personal experience and history all affect the way in which we interact with one another and conduct business. Leveraging them for individual success and team results can mean the difference between average or extraordinary.

Incognito offers new and entirely unique virtual programming to address these issues.

These dynamic e-learning experiences center around the presentation of a powerful, award-winning one-man play in which the author/actor portrays over a dozen- different characters while telling his own life story. This unprecedented presentation has “wowed” participants while setting the stage for safe, non-threatening cross-cultural dialogue. A great addition to your diversity, equity and inclusion strategies.

Specifically participants will:
• Learn to share the story of their experiences
• Gain skills and techniques to understand the experiences and perspectives of others
• Achieve improved results by building team cohesion, momentum and respect

BASIC PACKAGE: A one-time event scheduled around the time constraints of the workplace combines a filmed live-presentation of the one-man play, Incognito, followed by an interactive conversation with author/actor/activist Michael Fosberg. During the live session, he will unpack moments from the show and discuss the wide range of topics the play exposes around issues of race & identity. Participants will be offered a set of seven tools to help foster meaningful authentic dialogue with their colleagues.

PREMIUM PACKAGE: A six-part virtual package accessed via a password-protected site will allow participants to watch the filmed live-presentation of the play over five twenty-minute chapters. Following each of the five chapters, Michael will guide participants on a much deeper-dive into a variety of topics: race, identity, unconscious bias, stereotypes, micro-aggressions, passing, covering and more. In the sixth and final twenty-minute chapter, Michael will cover additional ground surrounding these issues, and leave participants a set of tools and post-show prompts to help foster dialogue outside the platform. In addition, we offer an opportunity to host live interactive sessions with Michael to further unpack his story, identity issues, and offer suggestions on how to move forward with the work. This package includes impact diagnostics, and analytics on participation and completion.

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“I deeply appreciated your play and your “tools.” Your personal experiences, and the way in which you portrayed them and talked about them, were very meaningful to me on a variety of levels. Thank you for your message, for the work, effort, creativity, and bravery it must have taken to pull that together, and for coming to our firm.”
–VIRTUAL PARTICIPANT from a national lawfirm

“I had strong reservations regarding a play at a business conference. I was also cautious about a play that would revolve around race; I thought I had heard all I could regarding diversity and race. Halfway though the play I realized I once again had assumptions that were misguided. Michael Fosberg brought a fresh perspective to a topic I thought I had heard it all. This is one play that I believe would benefit everyone.”

“Because the presentation was a real life experience, it led the audience to sense the practicality of the message. I feel that by the presentation being offered to all employees, its content and meaning will help release the tensions of many SSA employees.”
–PARTICIPANT, Social Security Administration

“In their final conference evaluations, participants gave high ratings for the effectiveness of the training workshop, the usefulness of the information and the expertise. The training conference was a significant accomplishment for the Department, and your participation was vital to its success.”
–DEPUTY OFFICER, Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Director, EEO and Diversity, Dept. of Homeland Security

“Great topic and I believe it is very relevant to what is happening in today’s society. This program should be talked/taught in every agency in the federal government!”

“I feel like this should be a requirement for all staff, not just managers.”
–PARTICIPANT, Harvard College, Faculty of Arts & Sciences

“Incognito’s approach impacted our employees differently than other trainings…our employees walked away with a deeper understanding of how life experiences can impact others and how sharing these experiences is critical to building relationships and inclusion. I highly recommend Michael Fosberg’s Incognito to other organizations who are exploring ways to enhance the diversity and inclusion discussions in their workplace.”
–DIRECTOR HR, Holland & Hart LLP

“Your presentation is very moving on so many levels. Thank you for your compelling approach to helping us understand the complexity of race and the built in perceptions, stereotypes and biases that we all have.”
–MANAGER, Diversity Strategies, American Airlines