IncognitoPhotoIncognito is a one-man, autobiographical play in which over the course of 50 minutes Michael Fosberg portrays over a dozen characters as he recounts the true tale of the search for his biological father.

Raised in a working-class White family in a Chicago suburb by his biological Armenian-American mother and an adoptive Swedish stepfather, he began the search for his long-lost biological father at the age of 34 when his mother and stepfather announced their divorce. Upon tracking him down in a miraculous first phone call, John Sidney Woods proceeded to tell him; “There are a couple of things I’m sure your mother never told you.” The first was that he had always loved and thought about him, and also that he is Black.

The quest to find his biological father revealed more than he ever imagined. Not only did he develop a new more comfortable relationship with his sense of identity, but he also uncovered a rich Black heritage. This life-changing revelation, the connections he made to his “new” paternal family and the questions his new-found identity raised in relationship to how we perceive race in America, inspired him to create Incognito the play in 2001.

IncognitoPhoto2Since that time he has performed the show throughout the country, inviting audiences to question and discuss their thoughts on race and identity as he has come to question and embrace his own. He has presented the show at middle and high schools, colleges, for corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations and military bases. It has been delivered as a Keynote address, a Diversity training tool, a special event, or as a pure theatrical piece, always followed by an in depth guided dialogue by Michael.

On being asked if he has grown tired performing the play hundreds of times over the past twelve years, Michael replied: “Absolutely not! I am constantly amazed and honored by the impact my performance and work has had on the organizations, institutions and communities I visit. The audiences, people of all ages, colors and backgrounds, consistently reach out to me and share their own personal struggles with identity and race, inspired by the very public and personal discussion my show evokes. It is my hope to continue presenting it for as long as I can to address the very real need to change the way we think and talk about race & identity in America.”