Marketing and promotional tips for INCOGNITO

Understanding the difficulties that exist in getting students to attend functions outside of class with competition from other groups, clubs, music events, movies, and studies….we have compiled a short list of helpful tips and advice to assist in promotion and marketing of the show;


Full color poster artwork in jpeg format is available here. Should you assemble additional advertising I suggest you include some kind of description of the content of the show. The program is unique in that it is a One-Man Play (thus performed by one actor, Michael Fosberg), is a true story, and deals with a number of very important social issues such as race, diversity, stereotyping, identity, finding a father, family history, adoption, & divorce. Michael portrays about a dozen different characters in 50 minutes as he takes the audience on a “journey” across time and place. It is strongly suggested that you do not reveal the “secret” of the show – Michael discovering his African-American roots after having been raised as a Caucasian male – however, if you are marketing primarily to an audience of color, this may be an advantage in attracting this audience. (In other words, white guy discovers he is black may interest a good number of people of color!)


Use of quotes from newspapers and students can inform prospective audience members of the favorable response the show has elicited in the past:

“It’s an engrossing and deeply moving trip, for both the audience and the performer. …if you listen carefully, it will shake you to your own roots.”Chicago Tribune

“Michael Sidney Fosberg’s “Incognito” is among the most unique examples of a one-man show that theatergoers are likely to encounter”Kansas City Star

“Fosberg has clearly thought a lot about American life and his piece is full of insights about how we construct our personal identities and how, in an instant, one’s sense of self can be altered forever. The fact that it is also, at times, hilarious, is just gravy.”Daily Herald

“Fosberg takes us on a fascinating journey of self-discovery…a profoundly American story…an engrossing one-man show.”Chicago Sun-Times

“His journey becomes our journey…”Chicago Reader

“…the story grabs hold and won’t let go.”Pioneer Press

“A MUST SEE!”Windy City Times

“The show was wonderful.”Student, Wesleyan University

“Incognito is amazing and it deserves to be shared with everyone who can possibly see it!”Student, Vassar College

“At the risk of sounding false, I will say that “Incognito” changed me.”Student, Northwestern University

“It’s people like you who are an inspiration to all folks of color.”Student, Wayne St. University

“What more could a teacher want?!”Professor, Monmouth College, IL

“The show was wonderful and the audience really seemed moved by it.”Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, Carnegie Mellon University


Play up Michael’s + play’s notable achievements:

Michael’s memoir “Incognito: An American Odyssey of Race and Self-Discovery” was published in February of 2011 (You can see quotes in the BOOK section) Chosen as a finalist in the 2011 New Generation Indie Book Awards.

Michael has worked with, William Peterson & Gary Sinse of CSI fame, John Mahoney of FRAISER, Tony Award winning director Robert Falls, John Malkovich, Stephen Lang, and singer/songwriter Tom Waits.


This is one of the best approaches to attracting a sizable audience! Targeting certain campus groups/clubs and enlisting their help/support can bring in a diverse cross-section from campus. Some of these groups may be (but are not limited to); Black Student Union’s or African-American council/clubs, African-American Studies depts., Diversity or Multicultural Depts., Humanities & English Depts. (including Literature Depts..), and Theater Depts. I suggest speaking to their leaders/dept. heads, share information about the show (brochure, DVD, or press release), and encourage them to visit the website. Perhaps they may also be willing to offer some sort of extra credit to their students for attending the performance. Trust me, teachers/professors will LOVE this show! It will give them a tremendous amount of material for classroom discussions. You can let them know there is also a study guide with lesson plans available. Direct the various leaders/teachers/professors here and ask them to view the video clips. It’s a no-brainer from there!


A format for a press release with a variety of information is also available in the press kit. Feel free to use it, add in your school’s info, or change it for your purposes. AND, there are a couple publicity photographs also available for download for use with newspaper coverage, or whatever.