“I deeply appreciated your play and your “tools.” Your personal experiences, and the way in which you portrayed them and talked about them, were very meaningful to me on a variety of levels. Thank you for your message, for the work, effort, creativity, and bravery it must have taken to pull that together, and for coming to our firm.”Virtual Participant from a national law firm

“I had strong reservations regarding a play at a business conference. I was also cautious about a play that would revolve around race; I thought I had heard all I could regarding diversity and race. Halfway though the play I realized I once again had assumptions that were misguided. Michael Fosberg brought a fresh perspective to a topic I thought I had heard it all. This is one play that I believe would benefit everyone.”Participant, Wells Fargo Diverse Mentoring Conference

“Because the presentation was a real life experience, it led the audience to sense the practicality of the message. I feel that by the presentation being offered to all employees, its content and meaning will help release the tensions of many SSA employees.”Participant, Social Security Administration

“In their final conference evaluations, participants gave high ratings for the effectiveness of the training workshop, the usefulness of the information and the expertise. The training conference was a significant accomplishment for the Department, and your participation was vital to its success.”Deputy Officer, Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Director, EEO and Diversity, Dept. of Homeland Security

“Great topic and I believe it is very relevant to what is happening in today’s society. This program should be talked/taught in every agency in the federal government!”Participant, OWMI Conference

“Incognito’s approach impacted our employees differently than other trainings…our employees walked away with a deeper understanding of how life experiences can impact others and how sharing these experiences is critical to building relationships and inclusion. I highly recommend Michael Fosberg’s Incognito to other organizations who are exploring ways to enhance the diversity and inclusion discussions in their workplace.”HR Director, Holland & Hart LLP

”It was a true pleasure to be in your company! Your play, life, energy and comments stand emblematic of our need for conversation and exploration of the human mind and soul! Your story is a message that needs to be shared far and wide.”Director of Education and Training, Mayo Clinic

“You touched many hearts and minds with INCOGNITO. We laughed, we cried and learned so much about ourselves. You have an amazing gift and definitely inspired the Wells Fargo team. I am confident they will be able to apply some learning to help them be better leaders, personally and professionally.”Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, Wells Fargo Regional Banking

“At the heart of his play is diversity training – it’s simply in a different format. I recommend Michael Fosberg to any organization wanting to bring top talent with an out-of-the-box style. As I said to our Partners when I introduced Michael, you are truly in for a treat.”Diversity Manager, H-E-B

“The feedback I have received from the performances has been outstanding. Every level of the crew has sounded in with an overwhelming positive response. Fantastic job!”Manager, IT Department, National Corporation


“I thought it was very good to break down how bias starts without even knowing it.”Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Harvard University

“I feel this should be a requirement for all staff, not just managers.”Workshop participant, Harvard University Faculty of Arts & Sciences

“The presentation created many openings for introspection, and I found the presentation method both a welcome change from a lecture approach and much more conducive to maintaining interest and creating food for thought.”Director of Purchasing, Lake Forest Academy

“Michael did a wonderful job setting the tone for bringing together the intellect and the emotion. His compelling portrayal of his family raised hard questions for many audience members of our assumptions of who we believe others– and ourselves– to be. He asked us to both challenge and acknowledge stereotypes, wrestle with internal and external identity issues and to see the human need for empathy and care. He captured the attention of our students; causing them to turn off cell phones and ipods and he left us wanting more– no small feat for a high school audience!”Director of Student Multicultural Affairs, Milton Academy

“I just wanted to thank you for your presentation, I know your show and ensuing Q & A session resonated very deeply with our kids. I have talked with a number of faculty members who all agreed that this was one of the best assembly presentations that we’ve seen, and we have indeed had many good ones. So, thank you for what you do, for your honesty and your openness about your own life, and for your willingness to speak to the kids with affirmation for their views on race and without pandering.”College Counsler, Lakeside School, Seattle, WA

“I’m glad you had the opportunity to share your piece and your story with the School. I was pleased to support the students in their efforts to bring us something that would provoke ongoing discussion about issues that continue to profoundly affect American society.”Head of Drama School, Carnegie Mellon University

“I am a Branson School parent and was a member of the audience on Thursday evening. Thank you for your inspiring performance and for the outreach you provided to our children during your daytime performance. My son and I are continuing to discuss the play and its impact on us.”Parent of student at The Branson School, Ross, CA

“I thought your performance was remarkable and thought-provoking. Your subject matter certainly raises a number of interesting questions that are important to our generation as we’re figuring out our own identities and where we fit into our respective communities. In a school that repetitively emphasizes the (clearly important) idea of “diversity” in a way that makes the student body tired of talking about it, your performance was a fresh and welcome change! Your story will stick with me.”Student, Lakeside School

“I found that the performance today did a more effective job than almost anything I have experienced of illustrating issues of racial identity… I feel that it effectively commented on race in a way that put all of us on equal footing and allowed us to all identify with some aspect of his journey and his identity. I think it is a piece that I personally will continue to think about for a while, and that is saying something since this topic is one which I typically feel is discussed way too much, or in the wrong way!”Student, Milton Academy