Incognito educational workshops

Workshops can be tailor made for each school/organization across a variety of disciplines and approaches. Sessions can range from the myriad of social issues; race, stereotyping, family history, etc., to a variety of theater disciplines; writing, acting, and directing. Classes/sessions can range from 30 to 90 minutes, to a full day of workshops, to a weeks residency. It is generally best to conduct workshops after having presented the play. Sessions can then be linked directly to the content of the show and can provoke more spirited discussion and participation.

Social Workshops:

Stereotyping – A lively interactive session exploring how we use “stereotypes” – both ‘good’ & ‘bad’ – to define people.

Definitions of Race – A challenging discussion pitting appearance, heritage, and cultural backgrounds as a basis for racial definitions.

Profiling – See how easy it is to get caught pigeon-holing!

Family History – A chance to explore where our families came from, how they got here, and where they’ve settled.

Multiculturalism – An exploration of the ‘new’ American family.


Theatre Arts Workshops:

Acting – An introduction and exploration of truth and self.

Writing – A fast paced journey across the page, with emphasis on self-exploration.

Solo-performance – The beginners guide to one-person shows.

Improvisation in performance – An exploration of text thru improv