Incognito, Inc. is a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training company – led by author, actor, activist and thought-leader Michael Fosberg – inspiring organizations to recognize that commonalities are stronger than differences. Utilizing an arts-based approach often initiated by the presentation of his award winning one-man play, Michael has crafted powerful training sessions that range from challenging keynote addresses to entertaining and provocative interactive workshops. Incognito has consistently proven to be an effective one-of-a-kind program used by educational institutions, corporations, government agencies, law firms and not-for-profits. Michael employs dynamic & dramatic teaching/training tools to create safe, non-threatening and meaningful dialogue on issues of unconscious bias, micro-inequities, cultural competency, diversity, identity, equity and race.

Incognito offers highly customizable solutions to your organization’s challenges and needs. Whether through one session or an ongoing partnership, virtually or in the room, Michael provides tools for organizational leadership as well as everyday life. Unlike other training methods, Incognito takes a uniquely personal approach that encourages people to confront their preconceived ideas of identity and race. Through sharing his own story, Michael cultivates a space for employees and students to share their experiences, empowering them to make long-lasting change within the organization and beyond. Incognito recognizes the multitude of differing opinions, beliefs, ideologies and approaches that exist within the framework of the DEI space. By focusing on commonalities, Incognito can help build bridges through fostering greater understanding and empathy.