Following up the presentation of Incognito the play or a speech, we offer an opportunity for engaging, interactive workshops exploring in more depth the topics the play exposes…

With sessions ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours, Michael can create workshops tailored to a client’s particular time needs and focusing on issues of race, identity, stereotypes, unconscious bias and more. These thought-provoking and entertaining sessions can help foster deeper dialogues on difficult topics without making participants feel threatened or alienated. And because Michael utilizes a story-based approach, people discover a vast array of commonalities which they may not have known they shared, leading to a greater sense of inclusion. These interactive exercises are non-intrusive and create space for participants to engage uninhibitedly.

Because there are a number of unique challenges and goals surrounding the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Michael offers an ongoing partnership with your organization to address needs over time. It is recommended to conduct multiple interactive workshops on a variety of DEI topics to promote continued learning, reinforce the use of tools for action, and develop an environment where employees feel content and heard. These flexible ongoing workshops can be offered virtually or in-person on your timeline throughout a semester, a year, over the course of multiple years to ensure meaningful growth for your organization’s present and future.

“This was a great interactive session…enjoyed the small breakout talk…getting to know others would never have had an opportunity. And it was a safe conversation.”

“This session was very useful in causing internal reflection and connecting Michael’s story to our own.”

“The exercise related to making assumptions about others based on first impressions…GREAT exercise!”

“All employees would benefit from this class.”

“This program was excellent. I would suggest all employees go through it. I believe that this type of training would further push the culture of trust.”

“This program should be talked about and taught in every agency in the federal government!”

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