Incognito Diversity Training

Categories and Stereotypes; Where Do We Fit?

In this fast-food, digital, mass-consumption age, we are constantly bombarded by images, information, and beliefs, forcing us to make quick judgments, opinions, and character assessments. Whether it is the color of our skin, the place of our birth, our accents and dialects, our religious affiliation, the way we dress, or the music we listen to, people are incessantly judging who we are. In addition, we are also essentially asked to evaluate ourselves by the requirement to check a box that tells others who we are. How do we define ourselves? How do we define others? How do we arrive at these definitions? And what part of our definitions for one another are facts, what part fictions? This interactive session encourages participants to laugh at themselves and others, while finding a real and constructive path to ending additional misperceptions.

Diversity / Social-Equality: Theory and Practice

Where does one start the dialogue, and how do we effect change? White, black, male, female, gay, straight, religions, dialects, even names affect the way we see and talk with each other. How can we respect and honor each individual, yet neutralize the bias’ we carry based on group associations?

Hidden Bias’ and Micro-Inequities

What are they? Where are they? How do we define, discover, and dispel these within the corporate structure? What part of our personal histories are tied to these? Why do “little” things carry such strong power? In exposing the bias’ we all carry, this workshop hopes to uncover things we are not always in touch with about ourselves, while simultaneously hoping to disintegrate their attachment on our interactions with others.

American Culture, Corporate Culture, Ethnic Culture

Are these three distinct and different? Can they co-exist? This workshop is about defining, distinguishing, and navigating these cultures through shared experience, dialogue, and dynamic activities.