An American Odyssey of Race and Self-Discovery

by Michael Sidney Fosberg

Imagine discovering you are not the person you thought you were. That you have a family, a history, an ethnicity you never knew. How would this discovery impact your life, the lives of those around you, your vision of yourself and society?

Michael Fosberg grew up in a white working-class family outside of Chicago, raised by his biological mother and adoptive father. In his early thirties, his parents divorced, setting off a series of discoveries that shake his foundation, and force him to take a closer look at the person he thought he was. Armed with only a name and a city, he sets out to track down his biological father, stumbling upon him in a miraculous first phone call. During the call Michael learns “a couple of things I’m sure your mother never told you” — first, that his father had not forgotten him and, second, that he is African American.

This life-changing event leads to a remarkable journey of family and self-discovery. In a provocative and gripping tale of identity, race, and family history, Fosberg probes his past, his family’s reaction, and our country’s difficulty in understanding and discussing identity, race, and heritage.

An American Odyssey of Race and Self-Discovery

By Michael Sidney Fosberg
Published by Incognito, Inc.
6110 North Francisco
Chicago, IL 60659
(773) 856-3399
Publication Date: 2/15/11
ISBN: 978-0-615-41396-9
Perfect Bound
Second printing 2015
342 pages
110 photographs, 35 drawings

memoir, race relations, racism, adoption, family, African-Americans, racially mixed people, immigrants